Nordic Day Hanoi seminar

On the occasion the Nordic Day Celebration on 23 March the Nordic Embassies in Hanoi (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) together with the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics organised a seminar on ‘The Socio-Economic Nordic Model – Achievements and Experiences‘, writes the Embassy of Sweden, Hanoi.

Renowned speakers from the Nordic region together with over 100 Vietnamese scholars, researchers, policy-makers, opinion leaders and other stakeholders representing the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics, key ministries, institutions, business associations and civil society organisations attended the meeting to discuss and draw experiences and lessons learned from the Nordic region.

The Nordic countries, consisting of Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland are currently upheld as a model for good governance around the world.

Through their presentations at the Seminar, four Nordic speakers provided the audience with an overview of the Region’s history, shared experience on how the Nordic countries have worked together and trusted each other to become what they are today, and one of the distinctive features for the Nordic region’s labour market: social dialogue.

Speaking at the seminar, Swedish Ambassador Pereric Högberg emphasized on innovation and sustainability where the Nordic strives to be a pioneer in the development of production methods that are clean, sustainable and use resources efficiently.

“Goods and services must not damage the environment or health at any point in the cycle – from source to sea. We are world leaders in innovations, working together to find new, smart and bio-economic solutions. Also, transparency and access to information always have been key for Nordic success,” said Ambassador Högberg.

The Nordics have had the oldest and most diverse forms of regional political collaboration for the past six decades. It is not by chance that a region with only 26 million people, which wouldn’t even make it into the top 50 of countries ranked by population, is one of the most integrated regions and the world’s 11th largest economy with a total GDP of 1416 billion USD.

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