Raindrop Friends donates DKK 90.000 to CARE Thailand

From left, Vibeke Wagner and Charlotte Brix Andersen of Raindrop Friends with Rasmus Struhr Jakobsen, right.

The association Raindrop Friends in Denmark donates DKK 90,000 to CARE’s work in Thailand. The money is earmarked for CARE’s work in Thailand, where CARE’s project strengthens the Karen people by increasing income opportunities.

The donation to CARE follows the death of the founder of Raindrop Friends, Pensak Chagsuchindas Howitz. Pensak Howitz founded Raindrop Friends in 1975 together with her husband, Franz Howitz, who at the time was the Danish ambassador in Thailand. The Raindrop Foundation has helped people living in extreme poverty in Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Bhutan.

“We have decided that our association’s remaining funds will go to the Karen people in the Omkoi district. The villages in the region are very remote in the jungle, where other people rarely come, and where it can be difficult to get there because the dirt roads are bad and in the rainy season almost completely impassable. This is about some people who need a helping hand to get by,” says Vibeke Wagner, Chairwoman of Raindrop Friends.

Omkoi District is located in northwestern Thailand and is home to a significant population of Karen people, one of the largest ethnic minority groups in the country. Poverty is a major problem in the area, and many Karen families struggle with both limited job opportunities, low incomes and lack of access to education and health care. CARE contributes to strengthening women’s development and earning opportunities with help to raise chickens, grow coffee and sew purses, bags and clothes.

“The money is a great contribution to the Karen people in Omkoi. Since the Covid pandemic and the economic crisis, conditions have been even more difficult for the world’s poor populations in many places. We have helped to establish contact with our colleagues in CARE Thailand, and I am very happy about that,” says Rasmus Stuhr Jakobsen, director of CARE Denmark.

“Our remaining funds in the association should of course go to support Pensak Howitz’s lifelong work. We are happy that, together with CARE Denmark, we have established a good contact with CARE Thailand, which had a project in advance to which we could contribute with our last funds. We are delighted to be able to help the Karen people”, says Charlotte Brix Andersen, board member of Raindrop Friends.

The project “She made it”, which Raindrop Friends will support, will directly help 180 women and indirectly 720 family members.

Source: https://care.dk/nyheder/stor-donation-til-cares-arbejde-i-thailand

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