If you want to spoil yourself and some near and dear, don’t hesitate to request a table at famous Chef Gaggan Anand’s restaurant.

Chef Gaggan Anand opened his first restaurant in Bangkok 2010. It’s the first and only Indian restaurant with Michelin stars.

When he opened in 2010 Gaggan said his inspiration was to break even and get his money out. In his 40s, he is a Chef and manager of business of a special caliber.

He finds his place to be in the kitchen, always looking to compose new, spectacular dishes, but he also admits that he today spends more time at home with wife and daughter.

Chef Gaggan has taken Indian cuisine to a rarely seen level. His blend of textures, flavors and delicate spicing makes him unique.

Gaggan Anand was born in Kolkata, India and was the first Chef of Indian descent to intern for Chef Forran Adria of famous El Bulli in Spain. He arrived to Bangkok in 2007 and opened his first restaurant in 2010. Today his restaurant belongs to the world’s 50 Best Restaurants and 2018 his restaurant was ranked as number 5th in the world and number 1 in Asia.

His first restaurant was located in a former 19th century townhouse, but today you will find him at Sukhumvit Soi 31, a modern restaurant in 2 levels.

To dine at his place is like watching a kind of play. The staff comes from different parts of the world, Miami, Brazil, Russia, France etc. Every dish will be explained to you and the wines are presented by a sommelier. Many of the wines come from small, quite unknown vineyards. You are a few times presented with the so called “orange wines”.

Gaggan has also become famous for his emoji menu, which shows his playfulness.

In this restaurant you certainly eat with your eyes. The dishes are served on unique plates in different colors, materials and shapes.
Especially one of the dishes takes you with big surprise, it’s named “Lick it up” and that’s exactly what you have to do. You are served 3 different pastes on a plate that you have to lick. The Chef is just like a kid in his lab, playful and down to earth. In fact, you will be served only 1 or 2 dishes that you eat with cutlery.

Today, during the Corona time, most of the ingredients come from Thailand. His way of serving a foi gras is unusual, as well as the way he presents the salmon eggs. Hot and cold mixed in the same dish, but all dishes have a spicy touch in common.

To dine at Chef Gaggan’s restaurant is a pure sensual experience.

Be prepared when you book a table to answer several questions; which zodiac sign are you, which song is your favorite, any fun/strange experiences in other restaurants, what is your purpose for this dining, celebration of what?

2020 complete Chef Gaggan’s 10 year’s anniversary operating his restaurant in Bangkok.

If you would like to surprise someone with a very special Christmas gift, I can recommend you to give away this fine dining experience. You can choose between a set lunch and dinner. Here you see all the dishes, we were served:


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You will not regret it!

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