Thai will lift Danish restaurant to higher level


Thai-born chef Rungthiwa Chummong is the new chef at Remouladen placed in Vejle, Denmark. She will rise the standard of the traditional Danish cuisine and make the typical Danish dishes lighter, more elegant and absolutely outstanding.

Remouladen shares the name with the famous Danish dipping sauce, and the 33-year old female chef will now associate the restaurant to be more than just hearty traditional cuisine. Her impressive CV being skilled at 3-star Michelin restaurant La Belle Epoque and her former work together with the big star Michelin-chefs René Redzepi and Rasmus Kofoed from Noma and Geranium her new workingplace are guaranteed to receive high quality improvement.

“My friends laughed at me when they heard about my new job as a chef at the very traditional Danish restaurant. They asked whether I was going to serve Danish classics as ”suppe, steg og is” (soup, steak and ice cream),” Rungthiwa Chummongkhon says.

She tells her friends no. Instead, she will improve the Danish restaurant and take it to a whole new level.

“We will still be cooking Danish food, but my vision is to lift the standard and make the dishes even more lighter and beautiful, and they will all be cooked with love,” she adds.

She will draw inspiration from both the French, Danish and Nordic cuisine. Being born in Phuket, Rungthiwa can and will not help to add some pieces of the delicious Thai cuisine into the menu card at Remouladen.

“I will have Thai spices such as lemon grass, peeled lime and chili in the kitchen to improve the taste, and I have also chosen to use soya when braising veal,” Rungthiwa says.

She was born on Thai island Phuket where she ran two restaurants together with a friend. In 2004 they lost everything because of the tsunami, and she came to Denmark 4 years later to renew her dream of being a chef. Today she is he new chef af Remoulanden and teaches Thai cuisine courses in Denmark. The Thai cuisine will always be an inspiration to her when cooking and until now it seems to be a good strategy to Remouladen.

“We have a guestfeedback here, and I can tell the guests eating at Remouladen now shows more satisfaction than ever before. This is good motivation feedback to receive!” says Rungthiwa.



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