SET benchmarked by OM Technology

OM Technology, part of OMHEX in Sweden, has conducted a performance test of the Stock Exchange of Thailand, SET, trading system.
     “What we did is really a smaller project in our view. We analysed the SET’s trading system and its efficiency. As result of this project, which went on for a number of weeks, did we produce a report with recommendations how they can further improve SET’s efficiency on the market,” says Ms Anna Rasin, VP Marketing & Communications at OMHEX.
     SET has announced that it will invest another THB 200 million this year to sharpen the trading systems.
     “OMHEX rarely announces how much our projects are worth and we never speculate in upcoming projects. But Thailand is undoubtedly an interesting market and we would like to have more business there,” says Anna Rasin.
     Last September OM and the Finnish exchange operator HEX merged to form OMHEX, the largest securities market in Northern Europe and a leading provider of marketplace services and solutions for the financial and energy markets.
     OMHEX is made up of two divisions: OM Technology and HEX Integrated Markets.
     OM Technology is a world leading provider of solutions and services – outsourcing and transaction processing – based on pioneering and proven technology.
     Today, over 300 customers in 10 countries rely on OM’s technology to run their marketplaces and secure their mission-critical systems.

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