More orders for ships in the pipeline

“Norway will increase cooperation with Viet Nam in shipbuilding”, said Ms Marianne Lie, Director General of the Norwegian Shipowners Association, during a seminar in Hanoi 2 November which was held while King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway paid a five day state visit to Vietnam.
     Around 130 Norwegian business professionals traveled with the royal couple on their visit in Vietnam.
     “Shipbuilding remains a spearhead industry in Japan, the Republic of Korea, and China, and it would obviously be the same in Vietnam,” said Marianne Lie to VNA.
     She revealed that the cooperation with Norway would increase in the next few years. Currently there are Norwegian orders for nearly 10 vessels made in Vietnam.
     “We want the Vietnamese shipbuilding organisation Vinashin to provide labour, energy, and if possible, main engines and steel,” continued Marianne Lie, according to VNA, and promised that Norway will provide ship designs, all kinds of supervision, and if necessary, engines or steel as well. There are also discussions about training programmes for Vietnamese sailors.

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