Wrong body sent to Sweden

It was not supposed to happen.
Yet it did.
A mix up of bodies sent home to Sweden from the tsunami disaster in Thailand.
Last Thursday 24 February arrived fourteen coffins from Thailand in Sweden.
The next day was one family told that their deceased relative, a woman they held a ceremony for after arrival on Thursday, was still in Thailand.
She had been mixed up with a dead man from Sweden.
And another Swedish family was told that their loved one, a man, had been flown home earlier than scheduled, by mistake.
The error was revealed when Swedish forensics made a routine check inside the woman’s coffin on Friday.
A marker inside the coffin did not match the number on the forensics’ list of names. And it was man’s body in the coffin.
Swedish authorities have apologized to the grieving families and say that the mix up happened in Thailand, probably caused by Swedish staff there.
Sweden has now beefed the routines when bodies are moved from the morgue and put in coffins prior to being flown back home.

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