Get paid 45.000 DKK when your Danish spouse dies!

You might get paid up to 45,000 Danish kroner from ATP Pension in Denmark if your Danish spouse or husband/wife should die.
But wait!
Don’t kill him or her yet! Check first if you will be paid anything in your particular case.
First of all, the rules are different if you are legally married or if you are just living together.
In the first case, if you are legally married, you are entitled to receive the money as long as your Danish husband or wife has paid ATP for at least 10 years during his or her working life and provided your marriage has lasted longer than 10 years. It doesn’t matter if your marriage is registered outside Denmark. Then you just need to produce your foreign marriage certificate.
In the second case, if you have just been living together, you may still get paid on two conditions. 
 First question: Has the Danish person paid ATP for two full years since 2002? That is probably the case if he or she has been working in Denmark for two years since 2002.
Second question: Have you registered your relationship with the Danish person with ATP in Denmark? If not, you can get this form yourself. Just contact: ATP, Kongens Vænge 8, DK-3400 Hillerød, Denmark, Phone +45 4820 4923, fax +45 4820 4800, [email protected],
Ask him or her to fill it out and return it to ATP. They will inform you, when the form is received and accepted.
Then you can proceed…
Actually, it is no joke.
When a Dane living abroad dies, the Danish consular officer will quite often notice, that because the Dane had forgotten to register his relationship with his spouse, he or she cannot receive this nice one time payment.
A piece of good advice is therefore:
Danes should consider to get legally married if they have ever paid ATP for ten years and if they plan to live together with their current spouse for the next 10 years.
Only if the Dane has paid ATP for two years since 2002 it is enough to simply register their spouse with ATP.
In either case, of course you don’t need to tell him or her about the benefits…

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