Malaysia buys Norwegian ammunition

Nammo AS of Norway and SME Ordnance Sdn. Bhd. (SMEO) of Malaysia have signed a long-term agreement covering co-operation on production of 25mm ammunition for the new Malaysian Armoured Combat Vehicle, ACV 300. The Malaysian Army has chosen the unique Nammo Multipurpose ammunition 25x137mm MP-SD-T MK2 and the US designed W-APFSDS-T ammunition for use in the ACV 300.
     Nammo is co-operating with its strategic partner, General Dynamics Ordnance System, GD-OTS, for the deliveries under this agreement.
     The co-operation between SMEO and Nammo AS covers transfer of technology and know-how from Nammo to SMEO, supplies of equipment and components, and assembly of complete rounds in Malaysia. The co-operation will give significant production and delivery possibilities for Nammo and deliveries will start already end of 2002.
     Nammo’s President & CEO Edgar Fossheim expresses his satisfaction with the signing of the long-term agreement adding that the Malaysian Defence Forces will get the best ammunition available in the world market for their ACV. 300.
     SMEO and Nammo already have a similar agreement giving SMEO and the Malaysian Defence forces access to Nammos 12,7mm Multipurpose ammunition through local co production by SMEO.
     Nammo views the signing of the agreement covering 25mm ammunition to be a very important step in establishing itself as a long-term partner for SMEO and the Malaysian Defence Forces.
     Both companies have expressed their intention to further develop the relationship to also include other ammunition requirements and to work to increase the Malaysian content of the co-operation.

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