Crayfish – the Choice of Ambassadors

“Excellent”. Chairman of the board of Scandinavian Society Siam (SSS), Thomas Raldorf does not hesitate for a minute in finding words to describe the annual crayfish party at the Intercontinental Hotel in Bangkok on September the 30th.
Thomas Raldorf explains that he was very pleased with the party for many reasons. 
“This year 274 people joined the party, which is about 50 more than last year and I was very pleased to see the Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish ambassadors on the guest list. Having their support is very important to the SSS,” the chairman enthusiastically explains.
According to Thomas Raldorf the ambassadors were pleased with the party.
“They praised the SSS for arranging events for the Scandinavian community and described the crayfish party as fantastic and that is obviously nice to hear,” the Dane laughs.
But it was not just an ambassador’s privilege to have a good time at the party. Some of the guests only see each other once a year. At the crayfish party.
“Former Thailand expats flew in from China and Japan, even from Spain to join the party. Obviously there was lot of catching up to do, but there was also a great chance to make new friends at the party,” Thomas Raldorf explains.
The SSS recently made a campaign to make more Finnish people join and that paid off. Thomas Raldorf explains that number of Finnish members tripled in two months.
“The crayfish party is a Swedish invention and the majority of guests are Swedish. But our recruiting work could be seen on the guest list. This year more Finns, Norwegians and Danes than usually showed up and I am pretty sure everybody had a good time,” he tells.
No doubt there will be a 2007 crayfish party.
“A lot of people told me that this year’s party was the best in a long time. That has something to do with the great work all members of the board do in arranging this party and other events. A big thanks to them,” the chairman says.
Apparently the guests were having such a good time that they just could not let the party end.
“I heard from some people that the party continued in Bangkok’s night life after the crayfish party ended at 2 am. Apparently some did not get home till the early morning, so quite a few people might have a hangover today,” the Dane laughs.

The winners of the draw:
Grand prize winner of Return ticket to Scandinavia with SAS on Economy Extra
: Abbey Dizon

1st prize winner (1st Runner-up prize) a weekend for 2 persons at The Marriot Spa & Resort in Pattaya, and a Volvo for a full weekend, plus 2 green fees at Burapha Golf Club.
: Jan-Olof Ahlenius

2nd prize winner: A cubic meter of oods to be transported from Thailand to Scandinavia by “Transpo”
: Östen Hallberg 

3rd prize winner: A full day cruise on a sailboat with a professional crew for 2 persons
: Leo Alexandersen

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