Carlsberg Hopes to Re-enter Thailand

Carlsberg might soon re-enter Thailand. With a healthy bottom line to boost its self-confidence, the Danish company has announced its plans to invest up to five billion DKK in Asia over the next three years. Rumors of a possible re-entry into Thailand have been circulating for a while, but now Carlsberg confirms that it is only a matter of time before it happens.
     ”We are still eyeing Thailand,” states director of Carlsberg’s Asian operations Jesper B. Madsen, who adds that when Carlsberg re-enters Thailand, it has to be ”with style”.
     “I cannot say anything specific about the timing, but it would be fun if it happened in 2007. It will definately be within the three year period of our five billion kroner investment. It could happen within 2007, but we will take all the time we need,” the Carlsberg director says.

Carlsberg pulled out of Thailand after their cooperation with a local Thai whiskey company ended in an unhappy divorce a few years ago. In most of the surrounding countries, Carlsberg has a strong presence. On small beer markets like Laos and Cambodia, growth rates of up to 70 pct. is expected by 2010. The Danish brewery also has a growing business in Malaysia and Singapore.

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