Vikings Return from Phuket with Medals

Having to promise to bring back silverware and medals in return for being allowed to play soccer in Phuket in stead of in the Casual League might seem like a tough ordeal, but that was exactly what Swede Johan “Mofok” Muhlman promised Vikings’ head coach Keld Bak.
 Johan Muhlman and six Viking team mates left Bangkok on Friday the 24th of November to participate in the Thailand International Soccer 7s tournament in Phuket, which meant that the seven guys had to leave the rest of the Scandinavian Viking team to cope with the game in the Casual League. The Casual League was lost, but the guys in Phuket managed to bring back medals after two days of soccer in beautiful Phuket.
“We did not do as well as I had hoped for, but the main thing was that I was able to keep my promise to coach Keld,” a relived Johan “Mofok” Muhlman laughs.
On Saturday the Vikings played three games in the Phuket Tournament. The first game against Royal Bangkok Sports Club ended goalless. Next game against Casual League rivals French team Les Galouis JVK Movers ended luckily for the Vikings also in a draw.
“We were really lucky in that game, I have to say. We made the 2-2 goal in the very last second of the game,” the Swede explains.
Last game on Saturday was against Bayon Wanderers FC from Cambodia. A game the Vikings lost 1-0.
“They were really not that good, but we got tired as we had no substitutes. Furthermore I am sure that it did not help that I was goalkeeper in that game,” “Mofok” laughs.
The defeat made the Vikings finish last in their group, which meant they were going to play in the Bowl, the loser’s tournament, on Sunday.
“The Bowl was not all that important to us. And as socializing with the other teams is just as important for us as the soccer, we went out for a pretty heavy evening in the Phuket night life,” the Swede laughs.
Despite lack of sleep on Sunday the Vikings were able to beat the British/Singaporean team One Night Stand Bar by 4-0 taking the Vikings to the Bowl-final, which was lost by 1-0 to the Lions FC from Singapore. Being runner-up in the Bowl tournament the Scandinavian Vikings was rewarded with trophy and medals which a bunch of very tired players returned to Bangkok with late Monday night.
On Saturday December 2nd Vikings will once again have to face rivals Les Galouis. This time in the Casual League in Bangkok.

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