Danish Tromborg Open Standalone

Leave it to
the Scandanivians – famous for clean-cut Ikea and Nokia – to pare things down
to the bare minimum.

    If you
would like to work this less-is-more philosophy into your beauty regimen, look
no further than Danish brand Tromborg.

make-up, skincare and bodycare brand, founded by professional make-up artist
Marianne Tromborg, in her 40s, opened a standalone store last month at
Takashimaya Shopping Centre, the first in Asia.
    Marianne Tromborg,
who has 15 years of make-up experience and is based in Denmark, prides
herself on providing women with quick and simple beauty plans.

always loved make-up where I don’t have to think about matching wild yellows or
greens,’ she said.

that you can put on without looking like an accident, and still look healthy
and beautiful, that’s Tromborg.’

During her
visit to Singapore
for Tromborg’s opening, she said: ‘A common beauty mistake of modern women is
that they pay too much attention to covering up with make-up.’

So, Urban
asked her to create three fuss-free make-up routines of five, 10 and 15 minutes
for today’s time-strapped woman.

Her reply:
‘Being beautiful in five minutes, I can do it. 10 minutes, I can too.’

    Then she
adds with a laugh: ‘Fifteen minutes? We’d have to drink champagne in the last
five minutes because I won’t have anything else to do.’

secret to keeping things quick and easy are her multi-tasking products.

example, the brand has a Face and Body Shine lotion ($96) that delivers a hint
of shimmer to liven up dull skin. It also doubles up as a highlighter to
brighten up the browbones and upper lip and can be dabbed on the inner corner
of the eyes.
Law, director and vice-president of marketing of OneNine57, which distributes
Tromborg in Singapore,
sums it up this way: ‘Don’t complicate life. Looking beautiful is important but
why waste time?’


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