HRH Crown Princess of Denmark Attended Children’s Fashion Show

They look like princesses as they’re walking down the catwalk in designer clothes. And today they’re closer to a real one, than they’ve ever been before. Ten children from the orphanage Ban Kru Noi are walking the cat walk at a Children’s Fashion Show hosted by Danish Women’s Network. Five “princesses” and five “princes”.
 Among the audience sits HRH Crown Princess Mary and smiles as the 8-13 year old children present the designs made by students at a Thai design school. On her right side sits the Danish Ambassador’s wife and on her left side sits Anne Gitte Rugaard, Chairwoman at Danish Women’s Network. HRH the Crown Princess was very interested in learning more about the orphanage.
 “It is our belief that you can take many thing away from children, but not what they have been taught,” says Anne Gitte Rugaard as an explanation to why DWN has chosen all of the profit to go to Ban Kru Noi.

Provide education
The orphanage of Ban Kru Noi is founded by Thai Kru Nuannoi Timkul or “Kru Noi”. About 30 years ago she decided to do something about the fact that the labourer’s children had no chance of studying at primary level because of poverty and the lack of necessary documents such as birth certificates and house registration forms. 
 Since 1980 she has helped about 800 underprivileged children, children with imprisoned parents and homeless children to have a chance for education. 
 Kru Noi was present at the Fashion Show as well and HRH the Crown Princess took the opportunity to greet her and thank her for doing such a great job for the children.

Presents presented
At the end of the Fashion Show all of the designer students and children gathered on stage, and the head of the design school presented two gifts to HRH the Crown Princess. Both contained special designed clothes for her two children, who are staying back in Denmark during the Couple’s visit. A beige flax suit had been made for HRH Prince Christian, and for HRH the little Princess Isabella a beige dress with a bow had been made in Thai silk.
 HRH the Crown Princess seemed very pleased with the gifts. 
 After the Children’s Fashion Show she continued to see the Danish Lifestyle Exhibition located right next to the show at Central World. 

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