Medal for long time drug prevention work

Esbjorn Hornberg, general secretary of Sweden’s IOGT-NTO International Institute, has been awarded the medal “For the Cause of Education” by the Ministry of Education and Training in recognition of his contributions to educational development in Vietnam, writes VNA news agency.
     As a former activist against the war in Vietnam and now general secretary of the IOGT-NTO International Institute, Esbjorn Hornberg has paid special attention to Vietnam, especially in the education of students and pupils.
     He visited Vietnam 1998 and began plans for the Organisation of Students and Pupils for a Healthy Way of Living (IOGT-VN), which aimed to help students and pupils stay away from drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Esbjorn Hornberg did also provide training to Vietnamese officials on ways to educate young people. Some 40 Vietnamese students have been provided with funds to attend short-term training courses in Sweden in preparation for building universities in Vietnam.

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