Norwegian Randi Hit by Gunshot Just Outside Her Bangkok Hotel

A Norwegian tourist Randi Fagertun Søderholm was hit by a gunshot when she and her daughter Iris left their hotel Saturday night.
Just outside the hotel entrance Randi, 54, broke down while she was telling her daughter that she had been hit by something, writes the Norwegian tabloid VG.
Seconds later a bullet fell to the ground.
No wonder that Norwegian tourist’s ribs are still sore.
“I am a very lucky woman. No reason to bye lottery tickets anymore” she jokes.
“The bullet must have done something though. Because I think it hit me sideways”, Randi Fagertun Søderholm.
The hotel where Randi and her daughter stayed after almost finishing three weeks of vacation had been one of the main centers of the Red Shirt demonstrations which have plaque Bangkok.
“We had heard the noise of shots before but we thought it was Chinese fireworks. After I was hit I realized that it was real gunshots we heard”, Randi says.
“At first, I wondered if there was someone who had shot with a slingshot, but realized immediately that it wasn’t. But I wasn’t afraid either. Hello. I mean what are the odds of being struck by a bullet”? Randi is asking.

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