Viking Cup 2010: Winner Kuala Lumpur

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Viking Cup Singapore 2010 has ended and almost everything went as planned.

2nd Day of Football.
Singapore 1 faced Bangkok in the semi final on Saturday and it was surely going to be a tough game. Bangkok had played well in their group stage, so we had to be 100% from the first whistle. It wasnt a good game for us and Bangkok controlled most of the match, but didn’t really create any major chances.
We also failed to create anything, late in the second half Kenni received a through pass and he was cool as a “Champagne Brus” ice cream when passing the keeper to score the winning goal. We were “luckily” through to the Final. KL convincingly beat Hong Kong 1 in the other semi final.
Singapore 2 played one match to decide 9th-10th place and they tried their best to secure a win, but Beijing 2 ran away as winners. We would have expected a bit more from Singapore 2, but the mix of players unfortunately didn’t gel. I’m sure they had a good fun anyway.
Bangkok won 3rd place after beating Hong Kong 1.

The final was always going to be difficult, as KL had been outstanding throughout the tournament – but as always Singapore was up for the challenge. KL had recently signed a very good player, which OTTO named “Gazellen fra Bukina Faso” after he made Otto look like “Soren Colding against Theirry Henry”. Martin Just was given the duty to cover this player, but unfortunately “Gazellen fra Bukina Faso” scored the only goal in the final. Just played a good match and was only beaten once, when the KL player outran Just after a long ball (no one could have catched him.. ask Otto).
KL was in control of the match, but didnt create many chances and with 10 minutes to go we started to pile on the pressure. We can close a few times, but failed to put it into the back of the net.
Kuala Lumpur Vikings won the 2010 Viking Cup in Singapore and have now won ALL 3 Viking Cups ever held in Singapore. Congrats
Next year the Viking Cup will be hosted by Bangkok.
Final Standings 2010:
1st – Kuala Lumpur
2nd – Singapore 1
3rd – Bangkok
4th – Hong Kong 1
5th – Shanghai
6th – Jakarta
7th – Hong Kong 2
8th – Beijing 1
9th – Beijing 2
10th – Singapore 2
Golden Boot Winners: Rene & Martin, Kuala Lumpur (6 goals each)
Viking Cup MVP: Martin, Kuala Lumpur
Golden Glove: Elleman, Jakarta

Credits to Michael Degn Jensen, Michael Joergensen, Buck Seng, Karina Degn Jensen & Jakob Bergholdt for their tremendous work in organizing this Tournament.
Also a special thanks to Michael Oe, Frandsen & Rasmus for securing some vital sponsorhips to fund this event.

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