Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand saved Danish exports

Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand pushed up the Danish export figures to South East Asia in 2003. Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines pulled the figures down.
      The total export of goods ended on almost 5 billion Danish kroner for the region which was 3,4 percent up from 2002. The 5 billion DKK is roughly 15 percent of Denmark’s total export to all of Asia.
     The growth in exports to South East Asia of 3,4 percent, which also Cambodia and Laos helped push up, is significant because for all of Asia there was basically a close to zero growth.
     Outside South East Asia especially two countries – India and China – showed impressive results. For India, exports of goods went up 37 percent to 1.5 billion DKK. For China, exports of goods went up 17 percent to 5 billion DKK – or close to the total for South East Asia.
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