Ambassador Kvarnström part of ‘EU at your school campaign’ in Singapore

Photo: Embassy of Sweden in Singapore

Swedish Ambassador Niclas Kvarnström recently virtually visited Bukit View Secondary School in Singapore as part of the second edition of the ‘EU at Your School’ campaign,.

The campaign aims at strengthening the EU-Singapore partnership in the face of a changing global environment and students aged 13 to 20 from 27 Singapore education institutions will be meeting with European Union (EU) representatives to learn about the EU and its relations with Singapore.

According to the Embassy of Sweden in Singapore, the second edition of this joint public diplomacy project reaches out to over 10,000 students and ambassadors and diplomats from the EU and its member states based in Singapore give talks about the EU, touching on topics such as the EU’s history, institutions, and their growing role in the face of the global health crisis.

The Embassy thanked the students and teachers of Bukit View Secondary for making the virtual visit a success.

Photo: Embassy of Sweden in Singapore

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