Keppel, Maersk, and Yara to develop ammonia as ship fuel in Singapore

According to a recent announcement, Singapore’s Keppel, Denmark’s Maersk, and Norway’s Yara have joined forces with Japan’s Sumitomo and Hong Kong’s Fleet Management to develop ammonia fuel for ships. The new initiative is part of the shipping industry’s effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by half by 2050 from the 2008 level, a goal adopted by the International Maritime Organization.

The new green energy initiative is the first attempt ever to create a whole supply chain for such sea-based refueling and the group hopes to turn the joint venture into a new business in Singapore which is the world’s largest marine refueling hub.

Ammonia does not produce carbon dioxide when it burns and is, therefore, a good option as a green fuel. Ammonia is also easier to transport than hydrogen because it can be liquefied more easily.

The group aims to develop a whole supply chain for the sea-based ammonia refueling operation, from the production of ammonia and the development of a specialized tanker vessel to building storage and a distribution system. In addition, the group aims to produce ammonia without generating carbon dioxide, such as by using electricity from a renewable energy source.

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