LEGO expands Singapore office, new China factory

On 4 December the LEGO Group inaugurated their brand new facilities for the office in Singapore – one of the company’s five main offices around the world.


This new main office in Singapore is another important milestone in the LEGO’s globalisation, in accordance with the company’s strategy to reach even more children all over the world with creative play experiences.

Over the past few years the number of employees working in the office in Singapore has increased to 220. The new office has capacity for 400 LEGO employees, and as such, it further enables the LEGO Group in adjusting for expected growth in the future.

The need for new and more spacious surroundings is the result of the extraordinary double-digit growth that the LEGO Group has achieved globally over the last ten years, not least in Asia.


Chief Commercial Officer of the LEGO Group, Loren I. Shuster commented that he is very excited that we now have surroundings to accommodate the increasing number of employees.

“It is our ultimate ambition to bring creative LEGO play experiences to children across the globe, to enable them to develop and learn through creative play. In order to do that we need to be present globally and attract talented employees in many locations. As part of this effort, Asia is an important growth driver. Our main office here in Singapore is one of the key elements for us to fulfil our global ambition.”

The increasing presence in Asia will be further supported by the factory that the Danish group is building in Jiaxing, China. The factory recently began packaging the first LEGO sets, and when fully operational, it will produce the vast majority of the products for Asia.

“We have experienced substantial growth in Asia, and with our own factory in the region, we will be able to provide even more children with LEGO play experiences. The Jiaxing factory will operate under the same global standards as our other manufacturing facilities, as all LEGO products live up to the strictest global safety and quality requirements”, says Loren I. Shuster.

The importance of Asia is underlined by the fact that two of the group’s five main offices are placed in Asia (the second one in Shanghai). As the first office in the region, the new office in Singapore has applied the new ways of working, called Activity Based Working.


“We realise that a key part of our success has been the conscious approach we have taken as a company not to ‘divisionalise’ the business. Instead, we have a very flat corporate structure where we encourage employees to think ‘end to end’ across the business to maximise the benefit of the whole as opposed to simply what may be best for a certain individual or team. Our new way of working – Activity Based Working – helps facilitate and foster our collaborative spirit in the company, a key part of our corporate culture”, says Senior Vice President & Head of Asia-Pacific for the LEGO Group, Marko Ilincic.

The main office in Singapore, located in South Beach Tower, on 38 Beach Road, houses employees from many global functions, among others Procurement, IT, Finance, Legal Affairs and HR, as well as management for LEGO Asia Pacific.

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