Singapore tightening regulations to curb virus spreading

Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsein Loong made a public announcement on a policy to curb the rise of Covid 19 situation on 3 March 2020.

The government called this tightening rules “Circuit breakers”. Which means that they find necessity to close all schools and business that are not necessary to daily life. Exemption to business such as food deliveries, fresh markets, supermarket, clinics, hospitals, logistic companies, public transports and banks.

“The circuit breaker” requires private businesses to close down and all employees to work from home. Students studies from online curriculum. At this stage, the military will be out to keep peace and order domestically. Some nurseries will remain open to assist parents that can not work from home.

Currently the total number of domestic infected patients are at 1,049 and 5 death.

Mr. Lee Hsein Loong said “ As we look at the current spreading situation, I am concerned that if we don’t tightening the rules we will witness more and more of larger numbers of group virus spreading”

This ruling is effective on 5 April 2020 which will last around 1 month. For citizens working in services departments mentioned earlier are allow to consume their daily schedules but with social distancing of 1.5-2 metre apart awareness.

The Singaporean Prime minister asked to avoid visiting relatives who are not living in the same residence. Along with going out when necessary such as grocery shopping, visit a doctor or exercise in the park.

“No matter if you chose to wear a mask or not, always remember to wash your hands often and keeping social distance” Mr. Lee added.

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