The best and worst countries to live in during the corona pandemic

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Singapore is the best country to live in during the pandemic, according to Bloomberg’s Covid resilience list which ranks how countries have dealt with the Coronavirus.

The top of the rankings is dominated by Asian countries with Finland as the only Nordic country to make it into the top 10. Denmark and Norway occupy 14th and 15th place.

Only 53 countries have been included in the list and the rankings take into account ten parameters, including the strength of a country’s restrictions, performance of its health sector, freedom of movement, and pressure on its hospital capacity.

Completing the top 15 is Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, The United Arab Emirates, Finland and Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Denmark, and Norway.

According to the list, Malaysia (20), Sweden (32), and Indonesia (34) are better to live in than the Philippines which is ranked lowest of the Asian and Nordic regions at 45th.

Christina Boutrup, a journalist, author, and China expert is not surprised that many Asian countries end up at the top of such a list. To local media TV2, she says that these countries have been very quick to close their borders and they are extremely effective in infection detection – plus they have tried it before.

In 2003, the SARS epidemic broke out in several East Asian countries, and that experience has had a significant impact on corona management in those countries, Christina Boutrup says. “The population is generally more afraid of getting sick, they were quick to put on masks and the authorities were quick to take the situation very seriously,” she says.

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