Xinxin continues to introduce Chinese norms to Denmark


Chinese-born Xinxin Ren Gudbjörnsson has stirred up a debate among Danes about their approach to education. It all started in 2013 and since then she has starred several TV-programmes advocating how Chinese norms could benefit Danish schoolkids.

Her second book “Find motivationen” (=Find the motivation) was published on 28 August 2015 about motivating people in general by using Chinese values. She is determined to continue giving Danes the advantages of Chinese lifestyle.

The Danes were first introduced to Xinxin when she appeared on a ”homework diet” television programme where the “demanding Chinese” was called ”Tiger Mum” because of the strict Chinese way that she demanding that the students did 2 hours of homework everyday and quit watching television, playing computer games and playing with friends. She believed a hard Chinese discipline could make the Danish students even better in school. Her message was to inspire Denmark with Chinese values and make Danish children work harder and raise their grades in school. Her diet eventually succeed.

“It is not the matter of talent, it is the matter of willpower,” Tiger Mum said.

She thinks parents has the responsibility to equip their children’s with skills through a more strict upbringing. She feels that both teachers and parents lack commitment to make their children fulfill their skills in school.

“There is too many bad excuses not to bring up your children properly here in Denmark. If an illiterate night shift factory worker in China can bring up her children properly, then it is only a matter of will for a Dane to do it too,” she says.

She mentions a tendency among Danish parents wanting to be super-humans by being everything and doing everything. But instead they should be better to prioritize their children, especially regarding doing homework.

“You can not substitute all the hours you ought to speak to your child. In China there is nothing called ”quality time”, it is just time. The more the better!” she says.

It is not only the Danish school system and the Danish parents who need some Chinese values according to Xinxin Gudbjörnsson. She believes Chinese values could benefit Danes in many other areas. She mentions how Danes are too good to praise each other for everything but forget to give criticize their children, which will later have some negative consequences for their personality later in life.

”Danish children are very insecure because they are not used to be evaluated that much. Therefore they have no idea what they are good at and what they are not good at. When they later begin working and meets criticism they totally lose their self-confidence. It can be a shock to some,” she says. With her new book her mission is to motivate Danes in a Chinese way.

“It has become very clear to me that many people in Denmark have not been given some basic knowledge and help regarding motivation in contrast to Chinese people. In Denmark they say ”the passion drives the work”, but what if there is no passion? They also say ”put yourself together”, but what if you don’t know how?” she asks.

By implement a Chinese way of thinking she believes she can motivate the Danish people.

“I believe anyone wanting to be motivated can be motivated. You can not force it. I know many Danes do not fancy the Chinese model, but I want to break with the prejudice because I think only a few know how it really works” she says.

Even if she has met a lot of criticism for being too tough, Xinxin guarantees her strict Chinese values are a great advantage to Denmark. She says it makes life less painful when children are prepared to meet and handle criticism. It makes life easier when know how to work with motivation. Xinxin wants to bring the best out of the Danish people by continue giving them Chinese norms and values to apply in their daily lives.


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