Yangon art festival with Finnish cinematographer Pekka Niskanen

The Third Blue Wind Multimedia Art Festival for female artists will be held in Yangon from November 23 to 27, 2012 with highlights including a directing workshop led by Finnish cinematographer, Pekka Niskanen.

First held in 2010, the festival has attracted the participation of local female filmmakers and video makers, photographers, installation artists, writers, poets and editors. This year, for the first time, foreign artists will also be invited to participate.

“In the past we restricted our own artwork to meet the censorship rules but this year we have more time, so we have invited female artists from China and Vietnam to join our festival,” event organiser Daw Phyu Mon told The Myanmar Times

 “We are trying to invite female artists, whether they are young or old, who have passionately worked in contemporary, multimedia art. We don’t want to exclude any of them from our festival,” Daw Phyu Mon said.

Niskanen’s workshop will focus on movie directing, and ways of thinking and approaching filmmaking.

Daw Phyu Mon said, “I studied filmmaking with Niskanen in 2009 and we still keep in contact, so when I mentioned the art festival he said he was interested in discussing contemporary art with our local artists.”

“We want our multimedia art festival to be like an open door, where everyone who is interested in contemporary art is welcome.”

She added that the venue for the festival was still under discussion, with one possibility being to split events between Tagaung Art Gallery and Studio Square Contemporary Art.

“But we are also thinking that rather than split the festival between two venues, it might be better to hold it someplace like Royal Rose Restaurant, near Shwegonedine junction in Bahan township, which is centrally located and has more space,” she said.

Anyone interested to attending the workshop can contact 09-4211-35326 or [email protected].

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