Finland provides solar energy to Malaysia

The Finnish Embassy provided the solar energy systems to the settlement of 18 families in orang asli settlement in Tapah.
      Prior to the availability of solar electricity, the village used kerosene lamps to light up their home at night, where the fuel is very expensive.
      Finland’s ambassador to Malaysia Lauri Korpinen launched the solar energy system installation, in which the project was part of the embassy’s ongoing rural development programme. This year alone, a total of RM1.2 million has been spent to sponsor such clauses.
      One solar power unit installed on the roof of one house can provide electricity to three houses. Altogether six units were installed at the settlement at a cost of over RM160,000.
      The solar energy system, which is Finnish technology, is rather conducive for remote areas as there is no need for electrical poles to be installed. It only requires panels to be fitted on top of roofs to charge the battery from the heat of the sun to provide power supply.
      Similar solar energy systems were donated to villages in Carrie Island (Selangor) and Kota Marudu (Sabah) two years ago with much success. The Finnish Embassy said they would continue to provide such donations in the future.

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