Inger Meyer is back at MNBC

Though Inger Meyer only arrived in Kuala Lumpur in September, the Chairman of MNBC, Mr. Morten Fon contacted her in Norway in the month of May to persuade her to take back her old job when rumours about her return to Malaysia reached the Board of Directors.
     “We knew what we were getting by asking Inger Meyer back,” says Mr. Morten Fon who is leaving the business council as Jotun has called him back to Norway to be in charge of Marine & Protective Coating, Jotun’s largest business area.
     “Inger Meyer previously worked with us and she knows what it’s all about to run our office which has been suffering tremendously since she left 15 months ago. We didn’t manage to find a replacement and Board Members have taken their turn to keep the business council ticking over,” Mr. Fon says, emphasising how happy the council has been to welcome Ms. Meyer back.
     Ms. Meyer was a well-known face in the Norwegian community in KL before she went back to Norway due to her husband’s relocation. She was amongst others known for her heavy involvement in organising the Norwegian national day 17th May in KL several times and as the Executive Director of MNBC.
     Many in the community will also know her for her part in the “Malaysian Scandinavian Golf Tournament” at Mines and the Scandinavian Christmas dinner co-organised with Malaysian Swedish Business Council (MASBA) while Norwegian companies mostly would remember her for her tremendous effort in the MNBC charity programme “Reaching Out”.
     “I was looking forward to go back to Norway after more than 10 years overseas,” Inger Meyer explains about leaving KL some 15 months ago.
     “It wasn’t as easy as expected to settle back into Norway after years away, however, returning to KL on the other hand was a very pleasant surprise. I know everything, my way around, people… and I have a good challenge working with MNBC. In future we will focus more on our web site as a modern means of communication with members and I plan to update it continuously. We are actually in the process of updating the directory “Norway in Malaysia” online.”
     Further plans by the Norwegian business council includes a membership drive which will no doubt give Ms. Meyer a lot of personal contact with potential members and both corporations and individuals could be expected to receive a call from the energetic Inger Meyer.
     MNBC was founded in 1990 and presently has 10 Directors of the Board with Chairman Mr. Morten Fon leaving his position shortly. A new Chairman is to be appointed on 27 October at a Board of Director’s meeting which is followed by the “Water Hole” event at 6 pm at the Norwegian Ambassador’s newly renovated residence.
     The main aim of the Council is to provide a forum for discussion and exchanging views on business conditions, both domestic and international, affecting Malaysian and Norwegian firms.
     For more information on MNBC, please visit

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