Denmark’s Clipper Group Signs Contract With VINASHIN

After Denmark’s Clipper Grup signed a contract with Vietnam Industry Shipbuilding Corporation (VINASHIN) to build ten 4.600 DWT multi-purpose vessels at Ben Kien Shipyard in Northern Vietnam,
Danish Ambassador Peter Lysholt Hansen said: “This new contract confirms that Denmark plays a key role in Vietnam’s development as a shipbuilding nation.”
In addition to ship building contracts more and more Danish suppliers have penetrated the Vietnamese market, and several partnerships between VINASHIN and Danish companies on local production are now in the making.”
The first ship is expected to be completed in 2008.
The VINASHIN contract is also in line with the general development strategy of the Clipper Group.
“It is a good contract and a great vote of confidence when a very well respected company such as Clipper places an order with us,” Vice President of VINASHIN, Nguyen Quoc Anh said.
“We hope to establish a good relationship with Clipper and hopefully they will return for more ships in the future.”

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