Danish Musicians Entertain In Ho Chi Minh City

Frans Rasmussen, a graduate from the Royal Danish Academy of Music, led trombonist Kasper Thaarup and the HCM City Ballet and Symphony Orchestra as they played pieces by Danish masters.
The concert included the Holbergiana Suite by Niels W Gade, Romance by Axel Jorgensen, Tango Jalousie by Jacob Gade, and Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra as well as selected works by H C Lumbye.
Since 1977, Rasmussen has conducted orchestras at home and abroad in a repertoire ranging from classical symphonies to opera, musicals, band music, and symphonic jazz. He led a special musical performance in 2005 to mark the 200th birthday of Hans Christian Andersen, a renowned Danish writer.
Thaarup also graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Music in 1997 when he won the soloist prize in a competition for brass bands. He also has performed in Vietnam before and has made his name since graduation as a principal trombonist at the Danish Radio Orchestra.

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