Sweden GMS Workshop Draws Healthy Numbers

The workshop for Swedish Enterprises on Business Opportunities in the Greater Mekong Sub Region (GMS) on February 28, organized by the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok and the Swedish Embassy in Manila, gathered about sixty representatives from Swedish companies in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Singapore.
Representatives from Nordic Investment Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB), World Bank, UN Environmental Program, Mekong River Commission, as well as several Thai actors also gave the participants an insight into their policy priorities and project activities in the region.
Speakers gave a picture that the investment focus in the region is mainly on infrastructure for energy, telecom and transportation. Furthermore, it was stretched that the development of the region has to be sustainable both in an environmental as well as in a social dimension.
The Swedish commitment to the GMS will be further highlighted when Sweden hosts the Mekong Development Forum in Stockholm on April 3-4, 2006. It will be an important annual international event to drum up Swedish/Nordic support for the GMS.



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