Indonesian Muslims Angered by Danish Video

Friday evening, one of Denmark’s nationwide TV channels, TV2, revealed excerpts from a video filmed by members of DFU (Dansk Folkepartis Ungdom), a youth branch of the far-right Danish People’s Party. In the video, the Muslim prophet Muhammad is showed as a beer-drinking camel and as a drunken terrorist attacking Copenhagen.
     The video was filmed in August during a summer party, where some of the young members portrayed Muhammad as dressed in a turban and wearing a belt with explosives, as others look on and laugh. This has now sparked angry reactions from the world’s largest Muslim country, Indonesia.
     “In Islam, death is the penalty for insulting the prophet Muhammad, visually through a caricature or verbally, except if the doer regrets his deed and promises not to repeat it,” states Fausan Al Ansori, a spokesman for the hardline Indonesian Muhajehdin Council.
     Amidhan, the chairman of the Indonesian Council of Ulema, the country’s highest authority on Islam, has also criticized the video.
     ”I cannot accept this. Denmark should give attention to this, because no matter what, the country also bears responsibility over the actions of its citizens,” he told ElShinta radio station.
The Danish embassy in Jakarta had to close down for weeks in February, following angry protests over the now infamous cartoons of Muhammad.

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