DiGi Revisits Yogyakarta

This revisiting is to see the recovery process in the stricken area while making its own humble contribution to the people of Yogyakarta.
At the time, DiGi participated in relief efforts led by the government as well as contributed RM 250,000 worth of talk-time to local Indonesian subscribers to help them stay connected with loved ones back in their home country.
A special team from DiGi visited Dusun Bedukan, a village under Desa Pleret which had not received much aid since the earthquake. The company contributed toiletries to meet the material needs of approximately 700 residents.
DiGi’s Head of Segment Marketing, Yohani Yusof, explained the visit to Yogyakarta was part of DiGi’s commitment to charitable causes as a responsible corporate citizen.
“We, like so many people around the world, are concerned for the people of Yogyakarta. But we aren’t just satisfied with donating money or goods. We wanted to do something different and really meaningful. This is why we decided to visit these villages in Yogyakarta, meet with the people there and contribute, not just material goods, but also good cheer and warm fellowship,” she said.
DiGi also worked alongside Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), a local Indonesian Non-Governmental Organization that has been actively conducting relief work in Yogyakarta since May, to tap into the NGO’s knowledge and presence in the area. They have also helped to identify the best way to contribute and bring relief to the affected people.
“Because of ACT’s continuing involvement in the area, it makes sense to work alongside them to reach the people of Yogyakarta. They know the geographical landscape, and more so, the people. Working with ACT means we will be able to reach the people more effectively and attend to their needs better,” Yohani concluded.

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