Danish Party Regrets Mocking by Youth

A video showing young members of the populist political party Dansk Folkeparti mocking Mohammad, who the Muslims regard as a prophet, has now surfaced on websites, prompting the head of the Danish party’s youth-wing to express regret Friday.
     The story, first reported by the daily newspaper Nyhedsavisen on Friday, came in the aftermath of violent protests after 12 drawings of the Prophet Muhammad were published last year.
     Video clips of a drawing contest among the young politicians, in their 20s and 30s, were posted on some websites after the annual summer camp. In the videos, it seemed that they had been drinking. Nearly all of the approximately 30 people shown in the videos had their faces blurred, but the images they drew were easy to see.
     “I regret that they decided to organize the drawing contest. They must take responsibility for it,” states Kenneth Kristensen, chairman of the Danish People’s Party Youth, who did not attend the camp.

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