Vietnamese Opera Singer to tour in Sweden

Vietnamese opera singer, Thang Long, is right now preparing for her first overseas tour in Sweden next month. She will participate in Cay Sao Than (Mystical Flute), a work staged by Swedish and Vietnamese artists.
With an attractive appearance and a strong voice, Thang Long could rise quickly to become a pop icon in the music market and earn a high income.
Instead, she decided to get involved in opera because “classical music runs in my blood,” says Thang Long, the youngest soloist of the Vietnam Opera and Symphony Orchestra Theatre.
Thang Long says she likes singing revolutionary music by veteran musicians like Hoang Hiep and Tran Hoan because “the music is romantic but also powerful.”
“Through their songs, I have learned that it’s wrong to think you can be the best singer with only an attractive appearance and dancing skills,” she added.
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