SAS Forced To Cancel Flight To Bangkok

An SAS airplane scheduled for Bangkok last night had to
be on the ground at Copenhagen
after the pilot
found an error in one of the engines.
    The plane
was on the way up to speed in order to facilitate, as the pilot was an
indication that there were errors in the one engine. The pilot then stopped the
departure procedure.
    The SAS
pilot subsequently spoke with the 181 passengers in a so-called debriefing. The
passengers stayed in Copenhagen for the night,
and went off to Bangkok
at 14.00 in the afternoon May 25, 2008.
    SAS regrets
the incident and tried to inform passengers as well as possible. According to the pressofficer at SAS, Mikkel Løndahl, is it a few times a year, SAS is forced to
interrupt a start.


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