Training Seminar On Anti-Corruption And Good Governance

The Royal Norwegian Embassy and the Singaporean Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently conducted a three day training seminar on anti-corruption issues, as well as the design and implementation of specific strategies to reduce corruption.
    The seminar, entitled “Better Governance – Managing Corruption, Promoting Integrity” was attended by 20 Senior Public Officers from Asian countries.
    Norwegian trainers were Ms Eva Joly – internationally renowned anti-corruption expert and currently Special Adviser to the Norwegian Minister of Development at the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation on the fight against corruption and money laundering –  and Mr Sven Mollekleiv (Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Det Norske Veritas).
   The seminar provided training on how government agencies and companies can collaborate on preventing corruption as well as an overview of global efforts and international cooperation within this important field. 
    Singapore has for years ranked at the top of the list of least corrupt countries in the world. Singaporean experts explained to participants how the country has organised its anti-corruption efforts and how challenges are dealt with at the grassroots level. An important part of the seminar was the opportunity for participants to share experiences and exchange views on best practices in their respective countries.
    The seminar was very well received and several participants expressed hopes of follow up activities at regional and bilateral level.


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