Swedish-based Vietnamese artist exhibits works in Hanoi

Duong Van Thanh’s paintings were displayed at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum when she was in her early 20’s. Later she moved to live and work in Sweden.
Now she is back attending an exhibition entitled ‘Fragrance of Hanoi Autumn’ in Vietnam that stay open until October 10.
     “I want to do something for my homeland. I am lucky to have chances to meet many people, so I want to help international friends to understand Vietnam,” says Ms Thanh to the Sports and culture magazine.
     She works as a lecturer in Sweden. After graduation from Hanoi Fine Arts College, she learnt English at Hanoi Foreign Language College (now Hanoi University of Foreign Studies) and later she taught fine arts in Sweden where she has lived the last 15 years. She has been giving lectures at several Swedish museums such as Lidkoping and Staffanstorp.
     In 1998, a private fine arts association named Duong Van Thanh was founded by Swedish artists. Most of the association’s members are learners who have joined her courses at the museums. A few years ago, Ms Thanh helped Swedish artists hold an exhibition in Vietnam. Many fine arts exchanges between the Vietnam Fine Arts Association and the Duong Van Thanh association have been held since then.
     Duong Van Thanh joins the ongoing exhibition in Hanoi with paintings about Hanoi autumn.
     “This exhibition will be an unforgettable memory because it marks my thirty years of working as an artist and fifteen years of teaching fine arts in Sweden. After the exhibition, I expect to select some of my paintings for an individual exhibition in Berlin next year,” concludes Ms Thanh.

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