Asian values consultant IWNC Group opens new office in Stockholm

Strong economic growth and lower costs in Asia is proving very attractive.
But to cope with the very different business cultures and laws there is a challenge for Scandinavian leaders in Asia.
     That was the reasoning behind Asian management consultant company I Will not Complain, IWNC Group’s decision to set up a Scandinavian office in Stockholm 1 September 2003.
     The target is Scandinavian companies operating in Singapore, China and Japan.
Foreign investments in China have increased a lot in recent years. Today more than 200 Swedish companies are operating in China alone, the number increasing constantly.
     Among IWNC’s Scandinavian clients are Nokia, SAS, Maersk, Ericsson, Astra and ABB.
     ”Relationships, communication and contacts are often based on complete different values and procedures in China compared to Scandinavia. There are countless examples of western companies´ failures because they don’t know how to lead, engage and do business in our part of the world” says Jeremy Perks, Principal IWNC China.
     IWNC Group was founded in Japan in 1988. Today it claims to be the market leader in Asia-Pacific Human Resource services. Its services are offered in 10 languages through offices from Tokyo to Singapore in Asia, Sydney in Australia, San Francisco in the US and lately Stockholm in Europe.
     “This establishment will strengthen the ability of Scandinavian companies to expand to Asia” says Curt Landin, Managing Director, I Will Not Complain Stockholm AB. “It provides an easily accessible gateway to the Scandinavian market for Asian companies”.

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