Finland: Checks At Internal Borders To Be Reinstated

Border checks at Finland’s internal borders will be reinstated owing to the security measures during the OSCE meetings to be held in Helsinki 4–5 December.
   Under Article 2.2 of the Schengen Convention, a Contracting Party may, where public policy or national security so requires, decide that for a limited period national border checks appropriate to the situation will be carried out at internal borders. This is a typical measure, for instance, in connection with EU summits and big athletic competitions.
   The decision does not bring about any changes in the current situation with the exception that people arriving in Finland from the territory of a State applying the Schengen Convention or people travelling to such a State from Finland may become subject to a border check. Internal borders may still be crossed in accordance with the existing legislation. Further, the decision does not include any changes in passengers’ obligation to carry travel documents.
   The main principles concerning the travel documents required when travelling to Finland between 24 November and 5 December 2008:
   Citizens of Nordic countries:
   When travelling directly from another Nordic country to Finland, Nordic citizens are not required to hold a passport or other identity card which has been approved as a travel document. However, Nordic citizens too must be able to prove their identity and citizenship in a reliable way in conjunction with a possible border check.
   Citizens of other European Union countries, including citizens of Liechtenstein and Switzerland:
Persons coming from the above mentioned countries are required to hold a valid identity card or passport when entering Finland.
   Other foreign nationals:
   Other foreign nationals may enter Finland if they hold a valid passport or other document entitling them to travel and, if necessary, a visa.
   Finnish citizens always have the right to enter their home country.

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