Photos: Red Shirts Fighting Thai Soldiers

ScandAsia is not a news channel when it comes to news of non-Scandinavian nature. Still, the photos I took while covering the bloody battle Saturday night between soldiers and Red Shirts are worth sharing.
Live ammunition was used on both sides in the battle around the Kok Wua Intersection near Democracy Monument in Bangkok. At one point I was caught in the middle and only a few seconds after I got away, a grenade was thrown at the soldiers where I was standing before, injuring between ten and fifteen soldiers with shrapnel.

The images  are displayed in chronological order. I started at the strategy meeting below the stage on Phan Fa bridge with the red shirt leaders, then I went down to the democracy monument with the arrival of the enforcement of hard core red shirt guards, then I crossed through the battle front line to be inside the soldiers front line just before the big grenade was exploded that made a determining point in the battle because of the many wounded soldiers. Eventually I crossed back over on the red shirt side near the entrance to Khao San road where a half drunk tourist didn’t seem to understand what was happening.

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