Vietnamese Migrant Receive Danish Integration Award

Aarhus, the second biggest town in Denmark, has awarded the Vietnamese owned company ThiPak, whit its annual Integration Price
ThiPak, a company providing packing and assembly solutions, is owned by the Danish Vietnamese woman Thy Nguyen.
From day one her new company favoured an employment policy to employ people for their skills, and not because of the colour of their skin.
To day ThiPak has lots of workers with an ethnic background. A challenge Thy Nguyen is handling well.
The Mayor of Aarhus said the following before he presented the award, a painting to the founder and owner of ThiPak:
“ThiPak have had many people from ethnic minorities employed as trainees. And they have handled it very well. The company has also acquired permanent jobs for a number of staff with ethnic minority background, and by doing that, ThiPak in their own way helps to create opportunities for empowerment of the lives of these inhabitants of Aarhus “.
Murat Kilic, one of integration council’s two representatives in the jury said:
‘ThiPak is a good example of what citizens with an ethnic minority background can gain at the Danish labour market. Being self-employed by creating a company by your self, you can pave the way to a better integration. And ThiPak a really good example of doing that”.

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