Danes across Asia celebrated the Royal Wedding

Throughout Southeast Asia, Danish residents and tourists on Friday night 14 May watched live on big TV screens the wedding of Crown Prince Frederik to Mrs. Mary Donaldson – now Crown Princess Mary – back in Copenhagen.
      The wedding was transmitted through a privately leased satellite link arranged by local Royal Danish Embassies across the region in cooperation with sponsoring companies, business associations, restaurants or the Danish Seamen’s Church.
     Direct transmission was in place in Jakarta, Hanoi, Shanghai, Dhaka, Singapore, Auckland and Bangkok. In Kuala Lumpur, the Danes have been invited by the new Danish Ambassador Borge Petersen to join a screening of the wedding off-line on Sunday 16 May.
     In Singapore, the wedding celebrations took place at the Danish Seamen’s Church where a giant wide screen had been set up to share the unique occasion. Ambassador Mr. Jørgen Ørstrøm Møller gave the Wedding Speech and a looked back on the history of the Danish Kingdom and around half past eleven marzipan cake and champagne was served.
     In Bangkok, the celebrations took place at Admiral’s Pub & Restaurant sponsored by Maersk. Ambassador Ulrik Helweg-Larsen welcomed the guests of whom quite a few were Swedes, Norwegians or Australians. The many guests exceeded the capacity of the restaurant to the extend that some had to be seated in a separate room.
     In Hanoi, like in Bangkok, the Australians were invited to celebrate the wedding together with the Danes and had turned out in quite a number.

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