Royal Wedding celebrated in KL with home-baked wedding cake

Approximately 130 happy Danes including spouses of many nationalities and 25 children enjoyed the Royal Wedding of Crown Prince Frederik to Mrs. Mary Donaldson – now Crown Princess Mary – on a big TV screen in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday evening 16 May.
     The event was a great success made possible not only thanks to generous sponsorship from Carlsberg, Arla Foods and Emborg and but also by an extraordinary effort by friends in Denmark and Scandinavian Airlines which flew a VCD of the wedding ceremony to KL.
     A special surprise to many was the extravagant wedding cake made by a group of Danish ladies in KL. It was a wedding cake Danish style with homemade marzipan, roses and logo enjoyed and eaten after a sumptuous buffet. United Plantation sponsored the cake.
     The reception was held at Counselor at the Royal Danish Embassy, Mr. Steen Hommel and Mrs. Tine Glad Hommel’s residence and presided over by Danish Ambassor Børgen Petersen and High Commissioner of Australia, Mr. James Wise.

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