Ambassadors from Denmark and Laos highlighted by Filipino magazine

Envoy from Denmark and Laos reveal plans to help the Philippines in new intweview with Lifestyle.IMQ Magazine

Filipino Magazine Lifestyle.INQ celebrates representatives from around the world who plan to help the Philippines. In the seventh article of the series, the magazine highlights, amongst other, Grete Sillasen, Denmark’s Ambassador and Songkane Luangmuninthone, Ambassador of Laos. Both countries hold long diplomatic relationships with the Philippines.

The year 2020 proved to be a very challenging year, not only for the Philippines but all over the world. The country’s supportive relationships with different countries however have helped to light the strain of the country with high expectations for the future, from clean energy to trade and even investment.

Laos Ambassador Songkane Luangmuninthone

Songkane Luangmuninthone, Laos Ambassador says that 2020 was a historic year for both Laos and the Philippines because it marked the 65 anniversary of the two countries diplomatic relationship. The Ambassador holds strong ties with the Philippines as he was born at one of the Magsaysay awarded Operation Brotherhood hospitals in Vientiane, Laos. The Magsaysay Award celebrates the memory and leadership of Ramon Magsaysay, former President of Indonesia, and is given every year to individuals or organizations in Asia who demonstrate the same unselfish service and transformative influence that represented the life of the late and beloved Filipino leader.

Despite the restrictions and challenges caused by the pandemic, he remains positive about exercising the potentials for Laos and the Philippines to further expand their many-faceted relations, particularly in the fields of trade, investment, education and more.

Denmark’s Ambassador Grete Sillasen

Danish Ambassador Grete Sillasen said that last year started particularly well in the field of trade with a Philippine visit to Denmark concerning sustainable fishing. The two countries are both archipelagos with much in common in terms of the benefits of the ocean as well as the challenges regarding infrastructure and pollution. COVID-19 however shifted the focus of world leaders and representatives, priorities had to change and the Danish Embassy had to work 24 hours a day assisting Danish citizens in returning to Denmark.

To cope with the new way of living during the pandemic, the Danish Embassy has been actively promoting biking and sustainable urban development as Copenhagen continues to top the list of most endurable and bike-friendly cities in the world.

Like most people, The ambassador is eagerly waiting for the world to open up again so that the Philippines and Denmark can unfold the full potential of cooperation. The two countries celebrate 75 years of diplomatic relations this year.

Lifestyle.INQ also honors Australia’s Ambassador Steven J. Robinson.

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