Ambassador Silasen addressed interest in energy and sustainable development with the Philippines.

Photo: The Manila Times Roundatble

Denmark’s Ambassador to the Philippines H.E. Grete Sillasen touted her country’s expertise in the field of sustainable energy and that it is looking at introducing it to other countries, including the Philippines.

Ambassador Sillasen said on a virtual interview with the Manila Times Roundtable:

“We are very interested in looking at what is sustainable development, what is renewable energies, what is energy efficiency. We have knowledge, which is really at the forefront of this field, and it’s something we see expanding in many other countries in SEA (Southeast Asia),”

“The Philippines is definitely one of the places where we would like to see that cooperation taking place. … We’re already in that cooperation, and we want to strengthen it.”

Sillasen said the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the need for sustainable development and energy efficiency in the Philippines.

“We are heading in that direction in everything we are doing — sustainable development goals, energy efficiency, it’s all sort of the header of what we’re doing, representing the government of Denmark but also Danish companies.”

“Danish energy companies were interested in investing in the country but stressed that legislation was needed to assure predictability and a long-term vision.”

Ambassador Sillasen added that the 1973 oil crisis prompted her country to embrace sustainable and green development and energy efficiency.

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