Danish Ambassador to the Philippines propose rules-based tack in settling WPS row

Chinese Ships in West Philippine Sea. Photo from National Task Force on the West Philippine Sea

According to a recent article published by local media, The Manila Times, the Danish Ambassador to the Philippines Grete Sillasen has proposed a rules-based approach to settle the West Philippine Sea (WPS) dispute between the Philippines and China.

According to Grete Sillasen, the issue has no direct impact on Denmark but it is, however, important for Denmark as a maritime nation and the home of Maersk which is the largest container company in the world.

The Danish Ambassador said in an interview with The Manila Times, “We follow the rules and we want a rules-based approach to the use of the seas and also of how the seas are being used for commercial purposes.” Grete Sillasen also noted that Denmark at this stage is not directly affected by the WPS dispute, so far no commercial ships have been held back from sailing towards it but it is of course something of great importance for Denmark.

On the matter, The European Union (EU), of which Denmark is a member, also emphasized that all countries need to follow the rules of law in the WPS. Luc Vernon, EU Ambassador to the Philippines recently tweeted, “EU stands by the rules-based order of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.”

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