Bold HR Practices You Should Try

If you think you are a good HR manager, first of all, kudos for your confidence. Not a lot of people can self-assess their professional skills and label themselves as good specialists. Secondly, as good as you might think you are, you must know there is always room for improvement. So in this regard, here are a few peculiar practices that should help you improve your skills and success rate.

Recruiting New People Using Social Media Contests

Since everyone is using social media as a critical part of their personal and professional life, why not go a step further and start using it for your recruiting purposes? You can create a powerful message to fit your company’s needs, give away a gift certificate or a similar prize and let the power of blogging and social media work its charm and drive more potential candidates to you. Use your recruiting Facebook page as the main sign-up option for contest participants so you can easily get in touch with them when needed. While you might have already been using Facebook as one of your primary recruiting alternatives, the addition of appealing prizes will add a nice twist to it.

Make Games Part Of The Workplace Habits

Since people of all ages are interested in games, it is a lot easier you to introduce them to the workplace in a fun and natural manner. Even the military have used games as part of their training practices, so why not also use them as a means of better motivating your personnel caught up in tasks that feel too repetitive and mundane ? You can start scoring transactions and set up employer tops for your most most efficient personnel members. This will not only encourage them to become competitive and hence self-improve, but it will also boost their morale. Chances are most of them are already playing some new online games at in their spare time – some of them might even do it during “forced” office breaks – so why not make it easier for them?

You can find all the inspiration you need online by personally trying a few of the card or table games, poker, slots, or arcade games you enjoy most then return to the office and organize some weekend game days for your employees. You can think about throwing themed office parties having casino games as the center of attention – after all, who doesn’t enjoy spinning the roulette wheel and placing wagers, trying to beat the Balckjack dealer or spinning those 3 or 5 reels on some fun games slots machines? Scratchcard games or poker, keno and pretty much any other type of a casino game you can find on the Ladbrokes gaming site could make for equally well-inspired ideas for your office gaming ideas.

Set Up Contests To Attract Passives

You can use these events to accurately evaluate and attract candidates who are not actively searching for a new job. You can use a phone operator who can provide the problem of the contest to some prequalified contestants, having winners be invited to a future interview.

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