Danish ice cream shop opens in Ho Chi Minh City


In early April Osterberg opened its doors to the first Danish ice cream shop in Vietnam. The grand opening of their first store in Ho Chi Minh City was celebrated with invited guests for a taste of Danish ice cream. The Danish Embassy participated and enjoyed a taste of Denmark.

The background of this ice cream brand is Cathrine Østerberg, who has always loved ice cream. So much so that when she was 13 years old got his first job as ‘ispige’. Lots of ice cream, the smell of freshly baked waffles, long days and hard work – was an enticing scenario for her. The interest in food was aroused, and this meant that she studied Bsc. Food and subsequently Msc. Gastronomy and Health at the University.


A final thesis drew Cathrine to Canada, home to one of the world’s leading ice cream researchers.

Thereefter she has gradually been researched ice cream thoroughly with ice cream courses in Denmark, Italy and Canada. It has taken no less than two years to reach the right recipes that underlie what Østerberg think is the ideal ice cream. And that development continues in introducing new flavors.

“Ice cream is a food you can really geek out with. You can adjust the ratio of sugar, fat and protein, and thus arrive at exactly the ice cream that tastes best and is sufficiently creamy without being too rich. If you just slightly change the conditions this can be noted and tasted. And that’s what makes that ice cream a fantastic food to work with, and not least enjoying the result that follows, “says Cathrine Østerberg.


Her father, Niels Østerberg, started Orana A/S in 1999, which stems from the old cider factory in Rynkeby. Orana has grown steadily, and there are now subsidiaries in Vietnam, Egypt, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Kenya. This has made Orana into one of the leading fruit companies in the world. With the local know-how Orana achieved a great knowledge and a good understanding of all the many interesting fruits, plants, extracts and spices that grow around the globe. Østerberg can not think of a better way to offer all kinds of fruits than through a delicious, refreshing ice cream.



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