Digital map of Swedish presence in China goes online

The Swedish presence in China is currently being mapped out on a new digital platform created by the Embassy of Sweden in Beijing. “The Sweden in China Map” collects Swedish companies, events and Sino-Swedish co-operation agreements on an interactive map online. swe_cn_mapping

“Our hope is that “The Sweden in China Map” will promote Sino-Swedish co-operation by providing a good overview of the Swedish presence in China, thus increasing potential future business opportunities in different parts of China”, says Åsa Andrae, counsellor at the Embassy of Sweden in Beijing and in change over the project.

The Map has been under development during the spring of 2014 and was shown to the public for the first time at the Embassy during the celebrations of the Swedish National Day 6 June. The Map is as of now available online, but is still a beta-version and will be updated during the summer.

As of now the Map features Swedish companies, activities and events, co-operation agreements, MoU:s (Memorandum of Understanding), import and exports as well as the Embassy’s own official travel reports from many different cities and provinces in China.

By introducing “The Sweden in China Map” the Embassy of Sweden increases its digital repertoire in China.

“By using digital channels closely connected to social media the Embassy is able to communicate with a larger audience and at the same time creating a platform for continuous information exchange and dialogue about the Swedish presence in China’s many provinces”, says Åsa Andrae.

The Map is bilingual (Chinese and English).

Go to browse “The Sweden in China Map”.

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