Finnair links giant flights to Asia routes

Finnair introduces their New Airbus 350 to fly more routes Europe and Asia. The world’s latest wide-body jet will do the long flights to Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.

The airline is famous for its ambition to be the European gateway to Asia and already have Airbus 350s in service on the routes to Shanghai and Bangkok, introduced in respectively November and December 2015.


Within this year FInnair will expand to have seven Airbus 350s in the sky connecting Europe and Asia, and that is just in line with Finnairs strategy.

“We focus on routes between Asia and Europe and using our Helisinki base for connecting to other European destinations. That will be the cornerstone of our operations,” Jani Peuhkurinen, head of Finnair’s sales for Asia-Pacific and East Europe told Bangkok Post

The A350 is set to commute from Hong Kong in a daily basis on March 4. The wide-body jetliner will be introduced to Singapore on 6 May. A330 will still be flying these routes as well as being linked with Finnars 15th destination in Asia, Guangzhou in May.

Meanwhile, Finnair will terminate its flights from Helsinki to Krabi and Phuket on March 30 and April 3, respectively, as planned. Finnair have made a total order of nineteen A350s and they are still working on their next destinations for those.

Source: Bangkok Post

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